Your story

This is your story

As you read this your brain is telling a story for you. Namely your story about you. If your brain is a healthy one you are the protagonist in this story. Your own personal hero. What if you can help your hero on the way? Let’s find out how you can help your hero along and use storytelling power to change the world.

Exit light, Enter night, Take my hand, We’re off to never never land

Many believe the brain separates fiction from reality. In “reality” the brains stores everything as stories. Humans are creatures of Neverland. We live in Neverland because we can’t not live in Neverland.

It’s best put into a story by Terry Pratchett in thees words by DEATH when he talks to his granddaughter in the novel Hogfather or as dramatized below:


Storytelling is the heart and the soul of human nature. I have recently been reading “The Storytelling Animal: How Stories Make Us Human” by Jonathan Gottschall. And it has been a 10 year long wait to read anything inspirational about storytelling since I read “The Science of Discworld II: The Globe“. To say the least, it’s a must read! Or listen to in this excellent audio book ūüôā

Why does we like storytelling so much? It’s because our brain runs on stories. Our brain is basically a pattern recognition machine. It likes patterns. And stories are just very big complex meta patterns that our brain can identify and relate to. Our universe does not contain any Narrativium like Terry Pratchett’s Discworld but we humans acts as if it does all the time. That everything that happens happens for a reason and everything has a purpose and a destiny. This is what makes us humans so special and this is something we should treasure.

It is always the present

The Past like the future does not really exist. They are both fantasies created in our minds. The Future is a probabilistic simulation we run in our minds in order to help shape the world we want to live in.
The Past unlike The Future has actually happened. The Past, as represented in our mind, is a mental simulation too. Our memories are not precise records of what actually happened. They are reconstructions of what happened — Jonathan Gottschall from The Storytelling Animal

Most of us believe our memory is filled with reliable info we can access at will. Not so. But memory isn’t an outright fiction. It is merely a fictionalization of what took place. Memory is an unreliable self-serving historian. It’s there to help us make decisions that help us along for the bumpy ride that reality is.


Here is favorite quote from Emily Thorne in the Revenge tv-show. From the episode “Perceptions” of season 1:

‚ÄúYears ago, I met a boy who introduced me to a book, The Marriage of Heaven and Hell. In it, William Blake writes, ‚ÄėIf the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would appear to man as infinite.‚Äô But in reality our perception is often clouded by expectations. By experiences. As of late I find my perception is blinded by only one thing. ‚ÄĒ Revenge‚ÄĚ

‚ÄúTruth is a battle of perceptions. People only see what they‚Äôre prepared to confront. It‚Äôs not what you look at that matters but what you see. And when different perceptions battle against one another, the truth has a way of getting lost. And the monsters find a way of getting out.‚ÄĚ

This captures in a great way how our brain works and how we live our life inside our own little Matrix. Experiences and expectations are all part of our perception of the past and the future. Our place in the story we are telling about our self.

Pan Narrans

Storytelling has been around for as long as we have been humans. And it’s the storytelling itself that first made us into the storytelling chimpanzee we are today. You must embrace fiction. It will make you more empathetic and more able to navigate life’s problems and dilemmas.

Fiction pulls us together and unites us with common values. It’s the core that makes us into a groupish vehicle for our genes to pass down to our offspring as I discussed in my previous blog Why are we so groupish?. We use them to set a shared Moral Matrix for the group.


As result of how successful stories have made us, we are also slaves under them. And they can easily be used to manipulate and mold us. If you want to burrow a message into a human mind. Work it into a story. But if we use the power of story for good, we can use it to change the world to the better.

But you must also use caution when confronted with stories and the “Truth” that many will want to tell you. As you know by now, the truth can never be told but a mere “Truthy Tale” of what happened in the past. Many will believe that their opinions are facts, when they are just that: Opinions.

This also means that we should be tolerant of the myths of all the cultures in the worlds as the bearers of these myths, are most certainly under the spell. Be vary of conspiracy theories as they are often the fiction of a storytelling mind who find patterns all to easily.

The truth is depressing: We are going to die. We are tiny insignificant dots on a tiny planet in a tiny galaxy. We need self deception to keep depression at bay.
We are Figments of our own imagination. Until the day we die we are living the story of our lives. This story is constantly changing and evolving. It’s being edited and rewritten by an unreliable narrator and this story are more truthy than true.

Enjoy it while it last and make it a good one!

The power of Storytelling

“With great power comes great responsibility” — Stan Lee

Now that you know more of the power of storytelling, will you stop loving stories so much? No, on the contrary, you will be able see life for what it is and enjoy good storytelling even more.

Day dream often! You and I are going to tell a greater story together how life on planet Earth will be in the Future!

/Michael Sillion
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Reality & May The Fourth

What is Truth and what is Real?

R e a l i t y

Online with your brain
On track with your senses
In focus with your mind
In aim with your dreams
In contact with your body
In phase with Reality

In thoughts we wander
In chaos we exist
In truth we believe
To destiny we yield
In information trust
In Reality we live

I wrote my poem to reality back in ’95 and still feel much the same ūüôā

Wouldn’t it be great if reality was in black and white just as Star Wars once was. Good versus Evil. As I follow what we’re about to do yo the Arctic in the name of Profit one cannot but feel the Evil in large companies like Shell. Is it so? #SaveTheArctic

Today we geeks celebrate May The Fourth or Star Wars Day.
Thanks to social media this is now a global event just like many others that we all can participate in. This shows the power of our global network society we are about to build. Let’s use this power for good!

May the Fourth be with you!

Matrix is still the most powerful movie made and the thoughts that come from it is amazing if you let your brain do the wandering ūüôā

What is real? How do you define real? If you’re talking about what you can feel, what you can smell, what you can taste and see, then real is simply electrical signals interpreted by your brain.

Then what about Star Wars on a day like this. The story telling of the Jedi captured the minds of an entire generation. I know that most people don’t get it. But I has always dreamed about being a Jedi!

Our Homeworld

What is Truth and what is Real? The Planet we live on is very much real. You can only experience it by what little your brain is telling your conscious self, but never the less you now it’s there.

What if it suddenly wasn’t? Would you miss it? What is most important here in life? Our brains wasn’t designed to either grasp reality nor the long time plan that we must have for our Homeworld. Can we change they way our brain tell us about the world that is out there? Outside our brains…

It is time to launch my Project Homeworld soon. A project which will help us grasp what a future here on planet Earth might hold for us. We still have the time and the ability to create for our own future and just not be swept along in a world of catastrophes and chaos where we have lost all control.

Let’s make it so! Let’s make life on planet Earth a big Co-operation project with clear goals!

/HanS olof Michael Sillion
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Emotional Impact

You need to inspire as well as inform

How does one communicate a scientific or an important message to a broad audience?

We use social media. And to do that one most change the way we communicate.

How to communicate
Think of this when you communicate

  • The Message must be quick, clever and strike an emotional¬†chord
  • Good vs Evil is a great way to engage ones attention
  • We must tell a¬†story¬†that takes place over decades so that it can be understood in terms of a persons attention span of a day
  • The message must be useful for the¬†recipient

Motivation to act
What makes the target feel that it must act upon or spread the message you are putting forth?

  • It must be personal and¬†important¬†to each individual
  • There must be some self-interest included. It can make them look cool or smart. To make their life look interesting.
  • They are emotional engaged. Anger or Passion are great motivators.
  • The Action must be short and focused. The effort to act must be small.

/Michael Sillion
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David Attenborough

You have certainly seen David Attenborough before. But have you seen him like this. As one of Earths leading naturalist he talks about how the population growth is one of the largest challenges that we have to come to terms with here on earth.

Points from David Attenborough

  • Earths population increases every week with 1.5 million people. Half of them live in urban areas. That means a new large city every week with everything that comes with it. Roads, Sanitation, Housing, Healthcare and so on.
  • We must lift the taboo to talk about stopping population¬†growth. Start talking about it today and spread the word!
  • It¬†remains¬†an¬†obvious¬†and a brutal fact. That on a¬†finite¬†planet population growth will quite¬†defiantly¬†stop at some point. And that can only happen in one of 2 ways. It can happen sooner by fewer human births. The alternative is an increased death rate. The way that all other creatures will suffer.¬†Famine,¬†Decease¬†or War.
  • The goal for you is to: Reduce over time, the¬†average¬†consumption of resources per person and the number of people doing the consumption.
  • You should visit¬†where David is a patron to see what can be done.
  • The¬†fishing-fleet¬†use¬†modern¬†technology to¬†vacuum¬†the oceans clean from fish. We can¬†easily¬†use technology to control the oceans¬†instead. We just lack the political will to make sure that we can feed our children with fish too. You must make sure our politicians know this!

/Michael Sillion
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Rethink Civilization, SXSW & The Matrix

The last month I have been following both Social Media Week and SXSW. I think it’s no coincidence that Don Tapscott is doing the opening Keynote to both. He gives a fantastic presentation about how internet and social media will change our society with a new paradigm shift. The Network Society

Luckily for you the one from SMW is available online right now. Just go and see it.

Some thoughts about what he says.

The Future is not something to be predicted.
It is to be achived.

Or as it’s put in Terminator: No Fate but what we make. We can either sit in our sofas watching TV and waiting for the future to happen or we get up and Make it happen.

Collaboration, Transparency, Sharing, Interdependence, Integrity

These are the 5 keywords in building a new Society. We need to work together towards a common goal. Collaborate between nations, companies and humans alike. We need to share everything we do and all the knowledge we have. Being completely open and stand for all our actions.

Every human being has the responsibility to find the truth for one self – Rainn Wilson

I also saw Rainn Wilson speak at SXSWi and he had some very insightful things to say about being one self and discussing lifes big questions. He is involved with this on the conecpt Soulpancake. What took away from this was:

–Everyone should have an awesome experience that changes their perspective on life. Like looking down from orbit.

–Every human being has the responsibility to find the truth for one self

–Always project your Residual Self Image on the web and in real life

Al Gore & Sean Parker

SXSWi ended with a very inspiring conversation between Al Gore and Sean Parker about how we now have a opportunity to take Democracy back from the corporations that now run the global economy. We should do this under #OccupyDemocracy tag on twitter. Al Gore also talk about another burning issue: To stop the Climate Change and join up under the Climate Reality Project

Our Homeworld

Also at SXSWi was Jane McGonigal. Over a year ago I decided that the time was ripe go on the quest that I have dreamt of since I was little. I then stumble upon Jane and here inspiring presentations. She sent me in the right direction! And here I am … figuring out how I can get everybody else … living on this planet … to join in on the Epic quest that lies ahead of us.

We need make it our top mission and priory to go on this epic quest. The quest to make Earth a planet we will be proud to call our homeworld.

Our only Homeworld.

My name is Sillion

Suddenly I got an urge to revisit The Matrix. (2 hours later) What a Movie ūüôā

I can really identify with the movie The Matrix. Where the concept that everything we experience are inside our head, are really put on it’s head. (And for those who have never got it straight: They never leave the Matrix in any of the 3 movies. Everything including Zion and the Dystopian future are just constructs inside the dream that are the Matrix.) If we work together we are capable of shaping this to any world we like it to be. The Mold is still soft.

So I end you with the last quote from the movie to ponder over … as I’m listening to one of the best songs ever made: Eat me, Drink Me

“I know you’re out there. I can feel you now. I know that you’re afraid… you’re afraid of us. You’re afraid of change. I don’t know the future. I didn’t come here to tell you how this is going to end. I came here to tell you how it’s going to begin. I’m going to hang up this phone, and then I’m going to show these people what you don’t want them to see. I’m going to show them a world without you. A world without rules and controls, without borders or boundaries. A world where anything is possible. Where we go from there is a choice I leave to you.”

This is my Residual Self Image! What is yours?

/Michael Sillion
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TED and Sustainability


Yesterday I was and saw TEDxLive here i Gothenburg streaming live from TED 2012 Full Spectrum. The Session I was most interested in was Earth so I will talk about that one.

Save Sacred Headwaters

It stared with¬†Wade Davis¬†talking about saving¬†Sacred Headwaters¬†in Canada from an¬†environmental¬†disaster by¬†exploiting¬†it and turning it to a toxic wasteland. Please don’t ruin this nature¬†because¬†it can not be undone!

James Hansen on Climate Change

Later I saw¬†James Hansen talking about the science behind climate¬†change. It’s looking pretty grim and if the climate¬†change¬†spirals¬†out of¬†control¬†there will be no end to the¬†droughts¬†and storms. The result is not¬†enough¬†food for earths population of 9 billion. 100% of the¬†attendees¬†where in favor for a CO2 tax.

Global meltdown – Fear will save us

Now on to the meat of my blog. By today the first two sessions from Tuesday have been put up too. First I saw Paul Gilding: The Earth is full.

We have known for at least 3¬†decades that we are going down and yet we¬†haven’t¬†done anything that points in the right direction. 2011 was the worst year ever here on earth for us.

So what are you going to answer when your children and grandchildren ask what did back in 2012. What did you do mom and dad?
Maybe fear is the only emotion that will see us through this. Things will get ugly and it will happen soon. When we feel fear and we fear loss we are capable of quite extraordinary things.

We are smart, in fact we really are quite amazing and we do love a good crisis. And the good news: This is a monster. We need accept our fear and then we need to act. We need to act like our future depends on it! We need to act like we only have one planet. We can be more, we can be much more.

What do we wanna be when we grow up on this planet? This could be our finest our!

Do we have Abundance hear on Earth?

I also saw Peter Diamandis: Abundance is our future that actually talked before Paul Gilding. He is much more optimistic futurist.

Yes we have an amazing knowledge about how to save us self but we aren’t doing anything. Not nearly enough. Our knowledge¬†in science and technology are amazing but we have to wield it for the good of the human race not for everyone’s own pleasure as we do today.


All this brings me back to Will Day and his speach from TEDxWWF last october: Is the world’s current economic model really sustainable?

The Earth will be fine! We will not!

I can only feel that to save us we need to come together like never before using the internet and social media to bring about a whole new society. A new global civilization. It is time to ReCivilize this planet with a ReCivilization like Don Tapscott said in his very long Global Keynote during Social Media Week 2 weeks ago.

Do see the Global Keynote and listen to the 5 part podcast.

Lets make the World Co-Op!

/Michael Sillion
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Netocracy – The Network Society

Netocracy – The Network Society

The 4 paradigm shifts in our history

I was on the Sprinkler event here in Varberg, Sweden yesterday and saw Alexander Bard give one of the most insightful talks I have ever heard. He talks to us entrepreneurs about the paradigm shift that is occurring in our society today.

Photo by Richard Tholin

First some history:
1. The first paradigm shift occurred when we started using the spoken word some 100 000 years ago.

2. The second was when we started using the written language. Before then the most valuable person in the tribe was the old woman who knew everything. She know what to eat and what not to eat. She new how to keep things social with other tribes and avoid too much conflict. This was needed to exchange genes with other tribes.

Now we could write all our knowledge down and that made it possible to build societies.

3. The third Revolution was Mass-media that started with the invention of the printing press. With it came books, newspapers, paper money, radio and television. The information was spread top down.

The was perfect for the industrial revolution that made it possible for the losers living in cities to take away all the power from the Nobility living in the countryside.

When Napoleon come to Germany he was seen by Hegel who lay the ground for what Bard calls “The Napolean Society”.
This is a top down hierarchical society that came to rule the world until now. Where state, bureaucracy, police, army, school and hospitals where all being governed by a very hierarchical system.

We are to bring down all of this relic Napolean Armies now. Together with our new Network Society we bring forth the fourth paradigm shift. The old capitalistic society will soon be replaced. Let the revolution commence!

4. Netocracy

Today we stands before the fourth paradigm shift. The Network society. What Alexander calls Netocracy in his now 12-year-old book.

— Where social status generates money instead of the old way.
— Where old top down Media will mean less if it isn’t interactive.
— Where our identity is our social network.
— Where Attention Rules. Attention = Credibility * Renown.

How do you increase your Attention
–> Does lots of people already know you — Concentrate your energy on doing good credible work
–> If you already do good work — Put all your energy on becoming famous and renown


I have long thought what we can do to connect the world. So that we together can save the human life on planet earth. What Alexander says rhymes very well together with my own thoughts on the subject.

I for one will work very hard to make this new society a reality.

/Michael Sillion
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