David Attenborough

You have certainly seen David Attenborough before. But have you seen him like this. As one of Earths leading naturalist he talks about how the population growth is one of the largest challenges that we have to come to terms with here on earth.

Points from David Attenborough

  • Earths population increases every week with 1.5 million people. Half of them live in urban areas. That means a new large city every week with everything that comes with it. Roads, Sanitation, Housing, Healthcare and so on.
  • We must lift the taboo to talk about stopping population growth. Start talking about it today and spread the word!
  • It remains an obvious and a brutal fact. That on a finite planet population growth will quite defiantly stop at some point. And that can only happen in one of 2 ways. It can happen sooner by fewer human births. The alternative is an increased death rate. The way that all other creatures will suffer. Famine, Decease or War.
  • The goal for you is to: Reduce over time, the average consumption of resources per person and the number of people doing the consumption.
  • You should visit www.populationmatters.org where David is a patron to see what can be done.
  • The fishing-fleet use modern technology to vacuum the oceans clean from fish. We can easily use technology to control the oceans instead. We just lack the political will to make sure that we can feed our children with fish too. You must make sure our politicians know this!

/Michael Sillion
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