Emotional Impact

You need to inspire as well as inform

How does one communicate a scientific or an important message to a broad audience?

We use social media. And to do that one most change the way we communicate.

How to communicate
Think of this when you communicate

  • The Message must be quick, clever and strike an emotional chord
  • Good vs Evil is a great way to engage ones attention
  • We must tell a story that takes place over decades so that it can be understood in terms of a persons attention span of a day
  • The message must be useful for the recipient

Motivation to act
What makes the target feel that it must act upon or spread the message you are putting forth?

  • It must be personal and important to each individual
  • There must be some self-interest included. It can make them look cool or smart. To make their life look interesting.
  • They are emotional engaged. Anger or Passion are great motivators.
  • The Action must be short and focused. The effort to act must be small.

/Michael Sillion
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