15 Years In The Matrix

Red Or Blue Pill?

It’s now 15 years ago that I first took the “Red Pill“. It was the spring in 1999. A friend of mine had gotten us tickets to a pre-show of a movie that looked really cool. The event was hosted by Maya, the 3D rendering program that was used to make some of the effects in the movie. We went to Grand on Sveavägen in Stockholm with 200 other nerds who thought this was going to be something extra. And boy was we right. This was for me the most accelerating experience in my life. I remember coming out of the theatre so exited that I jumped over every bench, wall and bush I could find. After collecting my thoughts half an hour later I called my geek brother. Then I told him. That he was going to have to wait for months for the real Swedish premier of the coolest movie ever made… The Matrix.


Red Or Blue?

Later that summer we of course went to get tickets to the real Swedish premier. We went for the biggest and best theatre in Stockholm, Sergel 1. On the opening show when we entered the theatre we where all handed a little plastic bag with a red and a blue pill. The 3 of us, who hade seen it before immediately went bonkers of excitement again. We where some of the few people there who already knew what the pills represented 🙂

This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back. You take the blue pill – the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill – you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes. – Morpheus

Before the movie was about to start the head of Warner Brother Sweden stepped up on the stage to tell us we where about to witness the coolest movie premiere of all time and to honor that they started throwing out T-Shirts and Sunhats into the audience. Sadly I got none. It didn’t matter. Prior to the event I had entered every promo competition for the film I could find and had already won both a T-Shirt and some Matrix branded sunglasses. Mind blown. Again.

What is real? How do you define ‘real’? If you’re talking about what you can feel, what you can smell, what you can taste and see, then ‘real’ is simply electrical signals interpreted by your brain. – Morpheus

Later I went to see it 2 more times that summer just to completely get into this new future. Finally there would be lots of cool movies. How could it not? How wrong I was…

I also have to mention that by that time I was already deep into Cyber-Philosophy. My favourite movie before this one was of course Ghost in the Shell that I had probably seen 20 times already by that time. I have read the comic and was completely in love with this philosophical cyber genre. My first official party I hosted as head of my party-section [Sexmästare] when I studied was a Cyber Party heavily inspired by Ghost in the Shell and Billy Idol’s Cyber Punk album. I even called my self Mikee Boy – CyberDemon of Joy then.

Ghost In The Shell

Ghost In The Shell

Dream Reality Party of 1999

Back to 1999. My brother was turning 25 and was coming up to Stockholm to have his party. I was hosting so I turned it into a heavily Matrix inspired party with live roleplaying called the Dream Party. A party where everyone had to come dressed as their cool Residual Self Image. So I had to go out and buy some cool sunglasses and get a cool haircut. The party was a blast. So from that day on I have now had this Residual Self Image of mine. It’s my Matrix Haircut. If you want to more about it you can listen to the podcast in Swedish: Gott Prat.

The Matrix Brothers

The Matrix Brothers

Later the fall I bought my first DVD player, Home theatre system and of course The Matrix on DVD. With it and Fight Club as my only first movies we continued to remind ourself what is really “real” and important in life.

The Dream World

The Matrix resonates with me on so many levels. I remember when was about 15. We used to stay up all night playing boardgames & roleplaying games. Afterwards we used to go outside and talk about games and other philosophical things for hours in the middle of the night just before going home. The neighbours weren’t so happy with us with our loud, long conversations. One occurring conversation was that there was no way of telling if we all lived inside a big collective dream. The Dream World.

Have you ever had a dream, Neo, that you were so sure was real? What if you were unable to wake from that dream? How would you know the difference between the dream world and the real world? – Morpheus

As I and many others now know more about the brain, it’s not far from the truth. What The Matrix opened our eyes in such a wide manner to. That we are responsible for our own experience of reality. The brain is literally a storytelling machine. It’s a pattern recognition machine that is so good that it can recognise it’s own thinking patterns. This consciousness became very useful for us. It’s an exceptional system for simulation of events. Past, present and future. It allowed us to become very effective at collaborating. Both our internal and shared stories made us into this amazing mammal we are today that has managed travel across 384,400 km of empty space to the moon and back. And we are just at the beginning of this epic tale of our story in the universe.

Your brain and all your sensory system are handling a staggering amount of data every second. Your conscious self take a very, very small part of this data and put together a thing that acts like a “Reality Feed”. Your story about you. Your own personal Matrix of the world around you. Now don’t be alarmed. You are still you, the whole you. Still in control of your thoughts, feelings and actions. You simply has an amazing way of experience the myriad och data and decisions that make up you. Without you going completely mad and bonkers on the way.

Morpheus: How did I beat you?
Neo: You… you’re too fast.
Morpheus: Do you believe that my being stronger or faster has anything to do with my muscles in this place? Do you think that’s air you’re breathing now?

Red or Blue?

Red or Blue?

We can’t fathom the difference of being real-real or dream-real. For all we know we could just be a simulation of big computer. A “Real” Matrix. So enjoy your story, as you yourself are writing it for you. I recommend taking part in the writing. Being the Architect of your own life and future. Doing this together with other like-minded Matrix Ninjas will elevate both you, the people in your tribe and the entire human race to new mind-boggling heights.

Do you want join on this epic quest of defining our own “reality”?

Lord Sillion
Architect of the Future
Holistic Thinking Ninja
Cyber Matrix Ninja

Our Dream Party of 1999

Our Dream Party of 1999


Min Stil – Vem är Lord Sillion?

Igår var jag i Kungsbacka och gjorde en Pecha Kucha. Jag hade sett kvällen innan att det fanns 2 avhopp och att Kajas som har det la ut en förfrågan om någon kunde hoppa in. Eftersom jag själv nu kan anses som en PK veteran med 7 tidigare tal så hoppade jag på utmaningen. På samma tisdag morgon sa Kajsa att det är skoj om jag kom med. Då kom jag på att jag kanske ska fråga vilket ämne det är. Det är “Stil” sa hon och det kommer passa dig perfekt.

Så med 2 timmars förberedelse begav jag mig till Kungsbacka efter att först ha tittat förbi en Open Call för #VarbergCalling for peace på Komedianten i Varberg.

Att våga komma ut som sig själv

Denna gången var det på Tio Pepe. Kajsa hade samlat mycket folk till deras Pecha Kucha #5 och det dök även upp en hel skolklass som skulle se. Dom blev en prefekt målgrupp till mitt ämne. Att våga komma ut som sig själv.  Med 20 förberedda slides och en story-ark som påminde om det tal jag höll på WebCoast – Om att leva utanför ramarna. När mina bilder dök upp så fick jag in ett flöde direkt från hjärtat istället för det jag planerat. Och tur var det, för detta blev mycket bättre och ärligare till mig själv 🙂

Se det på Youtube här: Min Stil – Lord Sillion Pecha Kucha Kungsbacka

Min Pecha Kucha i Kunsbacka den 24 mars 2015

Min Pecha Kucha i Kunsbacka den 24 mars 2015


Så vem är jag?

Ni får lyssna på denna historien i min Pecha Kucha från Kungsbacka först. Under min resa som tog fart på riktigt när jag klev upp på scenen tillsammans med Mindless Self Indulgence så har jag bytt min bild av mig själv och mina titlar hela tiden. Det som är konstant är att jag är en framtidstänkare och futurist. Mina tanke går kring hur vi tillsammans skapar framtidens hållbara kreativa samhälle. Relationssamhället, det som Seth Godin kallar “The Connection Economy”.

Digital Strateg och Kreativ Ninja

Det jag kan och kallar mig nu är Digital StrategVisionär och Kreativ Ninja. Som digital strateg har jag koll på det mest som händer inom nätverkssamhället och hur framgångsrikt gör kampanjer och marknadsföring via social media. Som kreativ visionär jobbar jag med att sätt upp visioner för framtiden. Jag håller koll på det mesta man bör kunna som entreprenör från inkubator-processer till hur man får en kreativ hub att ticka med event, co-working ställen och kreativa människor. Then we have the Ninja. Som ninja lever man maximalt anpassningsbar till som omgivning. Man går all in på en mission eller uppdrag.  Man kan arbeta agilt i små flexibla team som justerar sin kurs dagligen och ta sig ann mycket större utmaningar än större långsamma team. –

G33K, Dreamer & Dancer [Omvärldsbevakning]

Jag har också en sjuk mängd intressen som jag kämpar att underhålla med en allt större FOMO 🙂

Mycket kretsar kring intressen som kreativitet, podcaster, beteendevetenskap, teknik, datorer, spel (brädspel, datorspel, kortspel), e-Sport, League Of Legends, film, tV-serier, Sci-Fi, fitness, hälsa, empati, vetenskap, musik (Pop, Rock, Synth, Trance, House, Goth, Hardstyle Rave) och all things G33K!

Detta gör mig till fantastisk Omvärldsbevakare. Jag har en hjärna som orkar ta till mig massor med ny information och insikter varje dag. Detta gör att jag har en bra förmåga att se synergieffekter och koppla samman saker med en röd tråd.

Nu återstår frågan hur ska jag bäst använda min kombination av talanger för att hjälpa andra att bli bättre?

Vad tycker du att jag ska göra?

Jag behöver en Mentor!

Om ni läst min blog om Tai Lopez eller lyssnat på honom prata om vikten av en mentor så vet ni hur viktigt det är. Så jag är kanske precis som du i stort behov av en mentor som kan ta mig lägre. Är du en eller känner du någon som skulle passa mig?

Holistic Thinking Ninja

Mer om mig:

Min blogg om att leva:
15 Years In The Matrix

Och om min barndom och minnet av min far

Maria Gustafsons samtal med mig 2014 på hennes Podcast Gott Prat

Mina skills:

Mina Skills

Mina Skills


Min session på Webcoast – Om att leva utanför ramarna:


Invest in Your Future #Blogg100

#047 [XLVII]
What can you do every day? [Theseus Day]

Find many of the Tips here under Journaling.


Today started with my own session on WebCoast. I have collected all my insights from this and my other 2 blogs. From them I have selected some that will make you a better person. More Cretive, Thinking about your future, Mindful about the Present. Getting up and Exercise more.

You can see my whole session i Swedish in this 3 parts on Bambuser:

Del 1
Del 2
Del 3

Increase your Creativity and and become a better Version of yourself

Here are my blogs that Cover some of the Topics

Increase your Intelligence and Challenge Yourself
Befriend everyone
Active – Constructive Relations
MoonWatch and Stargaze together
Teach our children and adults with Storytelling

Be mindful about what is important for you
Become a better version of you
Life is a Game
Fail, Adapt and Iterate
Use Moral Reminders to lie less
Have Fiero Moments

End of the Road

The Best session today was from Dr PO and Johan Lange. It’s about Earth Society version 3.0. See it blow in Swedish. We have come to the end of the old society. There are 3 inevitable ways we can change to a new one. Preferable The Networked Society. One thing is sure: We have come to the end of the road. We are are either learning how to fly or we are going to crash hard. The Change Scenarios are:

1. Catastrophe
2. Crusade
3. Small iterating steps

Theseus Day

Theseus Day is the day in Contimuum that started it all. With out spoiling it I can say that it triggers all kind thoughts around Fate, Destiny, Free Will and a deterministic Universe. If You haven’t seen the show I can really recommend it if you can find it. It’s a little bit cheesy and as usual in most Science Fiction there is very little talk about Social Media and The Network Society.

Anyhow. Referring to  the 3 scenarios above. There will come a day that you will instantly know that this is the day that a big change will begin to happen. What are your thoughts about it?

This summer the 3 of us will go to Almedalen and set up shop. There we will bring more light on the subject. Changing Sweden and the education of it’s new citizens.


We are learning for a new future #Blogg100

#048 [XLVIII]
It’s only a Picture [Full speed ahead]

Today has been day full of learning about learning. This Picture sums up the day:

How to build better organizations together [LUCK öppning]

Does your organization constantly put out fires? Are you coaching or are you telling your team what to do?

You can see Johan Lange’s full lecture in Swedish about his concept.


A new Social Beginning #Blogg100

#049 [IL]
We are going to the WebCoast [Where people are open and knowledge are plentiful]

Today I stared early with a breakfast mingle in Ullared. After that we traveled to Gothenburg through this beautiful late winter forest.


Lean Leadership – Social Media – Coaching – Cognition = LUCK

Later we reach the destination for the day. The Unconference WebCoast. Today was very good. I went to great workshop with Johan Lange and Karin Hedin about LUCK and LEAN UX.

I will go into detail later about the whole concept as Johan will have more Session. Unfortunately all videos are in Swedish below.

[SWE] Den kan ses i ett antal delar på Bambuser på Svenska: Del 1, Del 2, Del 3, Del 4, Del 5, Del 6,
Själv dyker jag bara upp på slutet i denna 2 timmars workshop.

#LUCKconcept #webcoast #LEAN_UX

#LUCKconcept #webcoast #LEAN_UX


Can we HACK the Galaxy together? #Blogg100

#050 [L]
We are all connected [Let’s spin up this networked intelligence and see what pops out on the other side]

As the list on SoundCloud.com fills up with sessions from SXSWi, I fill up mine with sessions I have and will listen to. Check out all my posts from SXSW.

Hacker’s guide to the Galaxy

One of the best today was from Ariel Waldman, @arielwaldman, who works at NASA and Talks about how NASA in 60ties where just hackars hacking their way into space. To put a man on the moon. Listen to her talk The Hacker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

As I was listening to this speech I was sitting in my bedroom with my daughter. We where watching the sundown and the New moon. We where also looking for the Comet Panstarrs. But we didn’t see it. But still. Watching the Moon together is something we all should do more often.


Hacking my life

Tomorrow is WebCoast in Gothenburg. There I will meet 250 awesome people who all share the love to the web and the new networked society. There I will hold a session of my own that will hack my life to the better.

Tonight I also listened a little to Common Humanity: Making ‘us vs. them’ history from The RSA . The key here is that what ever historians and leaders tell us. We where never as separated in the past as they make us out to have been.

Collaboration, compassion, loving ones neighbors & common humanity always been aspects of the human condition.

And that is what this new Networked society is all about. If we have always done it there is much hope that we can pull it together now in this dire hour here on planet Earth.

Let us all hack and experiment together to build a better future here on our own space ship called Earth


Staying North by NorthEast #Blogg100

Staying North by NorthEast #Blogg100

#055 [LV]
I will commandeer a new vessel [Where we are going we don’t need winds]

Right now many people I follow on Twitter is in Austin Texas on South by SouthWest or short #SXSW
This is a harbor where I wold lay my anchor too right now if the winds would have been kind to me. But as it is my ship where forced to take another course and ended up NxNE instead.

Next year I will captain a new vessel that will take me there. I have also plotted course for Alemdalen this summer here In Sweden.

But first next week and the week before that I will visit some exiting places. First out is WebCoast in Gothenburg. There I will meet many fellow Ninjas and Pirates. We will be discussing many important topics regarding this new network society of ours. This is where my heart and mind lies. For helping building this new networked intelligence is what I intend my craft to be.

The week after that me and my 2 year younger brother will be visit North America. First time for med and second time for my brother. We will go there in airship to the international space port New York. We are going to stay there for a while and the move on the land way to Boston and Geek Mecka, namley PAX East.

Make it so!

Lord Commander Sillion