Oxytocin and human connections

Give me a Hug!

We all need a hug. When you hug me you release a hormone in my body called Oxytocin. The hormone tell my brains system that it’s okay, relax, you can trust me. It does this in a very subtle way. But it works!

The Scary Guy
I saw a documentary some years ago about The Scary Guy and his mission to make this world a better place without hate and bullying. In it he talked about how we all should hug each other each day. Now later a recognize this as one of the sparks that set me on my mission to make a better world. It changed what I thought we could do together.

Today listened to The Moral Molecule from The RSA by neuroscientist and economist Paul J. Zak where he talks about his research on Oxytocin. He has a new book out if you want to dig deeper into it as well. You should really listen to the RSA podcast about it yourself.

He goes by the name Dr.Love because he stopped shaking hands and insisted on hugging people instead. Dr.Love prescribes hugging 8 people each day. So both he, the scientist, and The Scary Guy gives us the same message 🙂

Here is what you should take with you:

  • Hugs not drugs. Hug 8 people each day to spread a kinder and better society.
  • When someone is stressed out they really just need someone to hold them. Not time-out alone.
  • We build community where ever we go. Keep on spreading the love.
  • Hate, violence and name calling has no place in this world.
  • We are all victims to the myth of True Evil.

The Goupish Gene
Humans on this planet are an amazing success story as today we able to connect to people around the world that we have never met before. I will talk more about this in my coming blog on The Goupish Gene.

The Vampire Economist – Dr.Love

Here is 5 minute video where Paul J. Zak aka The Vampire Economist aka Dr.Love talks about it briefly:

/Michael Sillion
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Happy Hugging!

3 thoughts on “Oxytocin and human connections

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