Happiness at work


Saw a presentation from Alexander Kjerulf about Happiness at work (“arbetsglädje” in Swedish). There is only a word for this in the Nordic countries and not the rest of the world. Isn’t that strange. In English there is the word job-satisfaction witch is a entirely different story. You should not try to work hard to become successful at work in order to find happiness. One should instead pursue happiness at work. This will in turn make you very successful and productive at work. It kind rhymes very well with what Daniel H Pinks says in Drive as I mentioned earlier in my blog.


Some of the most important things at work is Relationships and Results he says. And as we know this are also two of the cornerstones in PERMA. To make the relationships better one should strive to make them Active-Constructive and not just Passive-Constructive as most of us do when we are trying to be nice. I will discuss this in a later blog-post for sure.


You also feel like you Kick-Ass at work. See what is happening here. If you saw what Kathy Sierra talked about you get how they are all on the same track.

Joy of Work

12 years ago I read Scott Adams book Joy of Work. It was funny but it didn’t get into the core of what happiness at work really is. I think Alexander Kjerulf straight to the core and he has much more to say on the subject on his page: Chief Happiness Officer.

The Future belongs to the Happy

/Michael Sillion
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Here you can see the whole presentation from TEDxCopenhagen:


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